Cold Storage Areas

Cold Storage Areas
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No need to turn off the cold units

With advances in technology and science we are now able to do line marking in cold storage facilities without the need for turning off the cold air units. Using the latest paints available our line marking paints will dry in minutes even in minus temperatures.

  • No need to close a cold storage area for days to raise the temperature to allow the paints to dry
  • Minimal interuption to business practices
  • Line marking in cold storage areas will help maximise the useage of space
  • Help comply with Occupational Health and Safety and the local authorities
  • Provides clear instructions for employees and moving equipment.

Some ways in which we you to protect your employees:

  • Marking clear walkways for pedestrians
  • Marking areas where forklifts and equipment are operating
  • Highlighting hazard areas such as petruding objects
  • Marking safety instructions and warning to employees entering an area.

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Premier Workplace Solutions not only provide line marking services we are also a large provider of traffic and parking products.

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